Revised Strategic Plan 2009-2012

Strategic Priorities 2009-2012

  • To provide student-centred learning and high quality education through delivery of relevant programmes in thematic areas in order to equip students with the knowledge, skills and competencies for  prosperity in the knowledge based society
  • To increase the quality and scope of on-line learning through innovation and flexible delivery.
  • To target applied research, technology and knowledge transfer to support wealth creation and  better quality of life.
  • To support regional development through engagement and collaboration with business, industry and the wider community.
  • To deliver a flexible, adaptive and dynamic Learning Environment.

To view the full strategy: A Strategy for Change: Building for the Future


Our mission as a higher education institution is:

To create an open, supportive and flexible environment that encourages and supports all learners by:

  • Raising standards through effective quality assurance
  • Transforming the learning environment
  • Promoting research and scholarship
  • Advancing knowledge management systems
  • Encouraging academic diversity
  • Investing in staff development
  • Supporting regional growth and success


The quality of our work in serving a changing society will be inspired by a commitment to the universal values of:

  • Excellence: Progressiveness, Independence, Courage, Quality
  • Inclusion: Diversity, Equality, Openness, Partnership
  • Respect: Honesty, Integrity


To be recognised nationally and internationally as a relevant, dynamic and innovative third level institution, stimulating and supporting the development of the region.

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