Recent Publications

Recent Publications (Since Sept 2009)

Moran, J., Skeffington, M.S. and Gormally, M.J. (in press). Turlough ground beetle communities: the influence of hydrology and grazing in a complex ecological matrix. Journal of Insect Conservation.  DOI : 10.1007/s10841-011-9393-8.

Williams, C.D., Beltman, B., Moran, J., Skeffington, M.S. and Gormally, M.J. (2011). Empirical support for the possible application of modified Ellenberg indices to the study of environmental gradients on dynamic Irish wetlands – evidence from Skealoghan turlough (Co. Mayo). Biology and Environment; Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy. 111B: 1-13

Boyle, P.G., Hayes-Fitzpatrick, M., Gormally, M. and Moran, J. (2011). Halting biodiversity loss: the potential of High Nature Value farming in north-west Ireland. Teagasc Biodiversity Conference, Conserving Farmland Biodiversity-Lessons Learnt and Future Prospects, Wexford , 25-26 May. pp 48-49

McGurn, P. and Moran J. (2011). Development and design of locally targeted HNV programmes in Ireland – The Aran Island Case Study. Teagasc Biodiversity Conference, Conserving Farmland Biodiversity-Lessons Learnt and Future Prospects, Wexford , 25-26 May. pp 74-75

McGurn, P. and Moran, J. (2011) A Draft High Nature Value Programme for the Aran Islands based on the Burren Farming for Conservation Programme. A Report for the Heritage Council.

Parr, S., Dunford, B., Moran, J., Williams, B. and Ó Conchúir, R., (2010). BurrenLIFE-Farming for conservation in the Burren, In Sustainable use of biological diversity in socio-ecological production landscapes. Background to the ‘Satoyama Initiative for the benefit of biodiversity and human well-being.’ eds Bélair C., Ichikawa K., Wong B.Y. L., and Mulongoy K.J. Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity, Montreal. Technical Series no. 52.

Finn, J., O Huallachain, D., Keena, C., Hyde, T., Moran, J. and Regan, S. (2010) Halting biodiversity loss by 2020- Implications for agriculture. TResearch 5:4 p12-14

Moran, J. (2010). From gaelic pastoralism to CAP supported extensive livestock production – socio-economic factors at the western fringes of Europe. Large scale extensive grazing systems in Europe: advancing knowledge to improve policy, 2nd International workshop on pastoral landscapes and conservation. International Academy for Nature Conservation, Isle of Vilm, Germany. 20th – 24th September.

Keady, T.W.J., Moran, J. and Hanrahan, J.P. 2010. An evaluation of the effects of extended grazing pasture with ewe lambs on sward botanical composition. Proceedings of the British Society of Animal Science: Food, Feed, Energy and Fibre from Land-a vision for 2020, Queen’s University, Belfast, April 2010.

Parr, S., Moran, J., Dunford, B., Ó Conchúir, R., (2009). Grasslands of the Burren, Western Ireland, In Grasslands in Europe of High Nature Value. eds P. Veen, R.G. Jefferson, J. de Smidt, J. van der Straaten. KNNV Publishing.

Williams, B., Parr, S., Moran, J., Dunford, B., Ó’Conchuir, R. (2009). The Burren-farming for the future of the fertile rock. British Wildlife 21 (1).

Moran, J. (2009). BurrenLIFE Farming for Conservation: Agricultural Monitoring. BurrenLIFE Seminar. Gort, Ireland. 9th November.

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