Centre for Biomolecular Environmental and Public Health Research

The Centre for Biomolecular Environmental and Public Health Research is a multidisciplinary research and education centre, committed to leadership in the field of biomolecular environmental health research. Based at the Institute of Technology, Sligo, and founded in 2007, the centre collaborates with researchers, scientists and stakeholders across various disciplines to advance knowledge on environmental health research for the 21st century both in Ireland and internationally.

The priorities of the Centre are to:

  • Demonstrate and develop sustainable advanced, quality biomolecular research in strategically emerging important areas of environment and public health;
  • Engage in collaborative research with other scientists at home and abroad;
  • Educate students, staff and external learners both in theory and practice;
  • Secure equipment and instrumentation for students at IT Sligo;
  • Involve state agencies and other relevant bodies;
  • Inform stakeholders in cogent terms on regional, national and international research issues;
  • Establish partnerships with environmental and health agencies, as well as business concerns and thus provide an applied endpoint to the Centre’s research activities;
  • Develop and evaluate strategies to provide the highest quality education on public health;
  • Assess national and internationally available scientific funding and resources;
  • Promote developments in research via workshops, literature and media;

Members and Roles within the Centre for Biomolecular Environmental Public Health Research

There are three permanent Centre members with defined individual roles:

Further Information

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