About the Innovation Centre


The Innovation Centre exists to:

►     Help and support entrepreneurs
►     Nurture new start-ups and fledgling enterprises
     Assist established businesses develop and expand

With our assistance you can intensify your capacity for innovation, with exciting results.

About the Innovation Centre:

We were among one of the first Institutes of Technology to set up an Innovation Centre, providing direct support for local business. That tells you something about the culture of entrepreneurship we foster at IT Sligo.

The Centre currently houses 35+ new businesses employing over 100 people. Business sectors include software development, chemical and environmental analysis, biotechnology, health food development and e-learning and web design.

A Gateway to Expertise – What we Do:

The Innovation Centre provides the gateway for business and industry to access a wealth of expertise in IT Sligo. We offer a broad range of practical servises including:

►     Enterprise Training
►     Incubation Space
     Applied Research
►     Mentoring and Networking Opportunities
     Access to IT Sligo research expertise
►     Use of Specialist Equipment
     Video Conferencing and Meeting Facilities

We have particular strengths and specialist expertise in:

►     Sustainability and green technologies
►     Creativity and Design
►     Economic and Social Research
     Design and Rapid Prototyping

Current industry partnerships cover:

►     Biofuel from Algae
►     Biofuel from wood
     Farm waste management
►     Pharmaceutical development
     Product development and Service development
►     Eco Tourism

Delivering for Business:

Our technology transfer and innovation unit offers practical advice including information on sources of funding, training opportunities, consultancy, online learning and leading edge communication and high spec business facilities.

We offer a three phase programme – New Frontiers – for entrepreneurs with an innovative idea to assist the start up and development of their own business.  Visit www.newfrontiersnw.ie for further information.

In addition to our engagement with SMEs, our current portfolio of partners includes Coca Cola, Abbott International and Masonite.

Get in touch now to learn how we can help you.

Leading regional development:

The Innovation Centre is a hub for regional development in the North West. We use the expertise in IT Sligo to create a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship that in turn is easily accessible. We provide the facilities and a stimulating supportive environment to nurture entrepreneurs. We have established ourselves as a leader in regional development for local business and industry.

What makes us different?

Any of our companies can tell you that IT Sligo as a partner has made the difference to them. Practical assistance every time.

For more information on our range of services please contact our Innovation Centre Manager, Janette Gillen on the details below:

Janette Gillen
IT Sligo, Ash lane, Sligo




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