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Got a Brilliant Idea?

Everyday, everywhere around the world people innovate, explore, invent and collaborate to break new frontiers. You can too. Talk to us about New Frontiers, a high powered programme for people with an innovative idea for a new business.

Recruiting now in the North West, the programme is targeting people, who have an innovative idea, with the ultimate objective of creating new business opportunities that will lead to wealth, sustainable job creation and exports resulting in a diverse and dynamic regional economy.

This intensive programme will equip you with the skills you need to establish and run your new business. You’ll have access to expertise and contacts to commercialise your business idea  fast and you’ll learn the latest management and leadership techniques.

The  programme is delivered over three phases:

Phase 1 | Testing the Business

The first phase will be part-time over an 8-10 week period and will help you to validate the market potential of your business idea. These workshops will provide information and general start-up training, allowing you to tease out your idea’s feasibility and to see whether a viable proposition exists.

Phase 2 | Planning the business

Following a competitive selection process, committed participants who have a strong value proposition and who can demonstrate that their business proposition has potential to grow and create jobs may be offered a place on Phase 2. If successful, you will receive intensive support for six months to develop both your own skills and to work up your business proposition. This will entail full-time participation in workshops, mentoring and regular reviews. Using these supports, you will fully detail and validate your business proposition and identify potential customers, sales channels and funding options. You must be available for full-time participation. To facilitate this, you will receive up to €15,000 in scholarship funding subject to satisfactory development reviews. The aim of this phase is to support you in your development of an investor-ready business proposition.

Phase 3 | Developing the business

On the basis of their potential to develop sales and/or secure investment, business’s emerging from Phase 2 will then be guided to the government supports that can best help them at their particular stage of development.  Further incubation facilities and support may be available to participants for a limited period.

Now taking expressions of interest for Phase II 2016

If you would like further information on the Application Process please visit


For further information on the New Frontiers programme, please contact:




  • Dr. Michelle Connolly
  • Letterkenny Institute of Technology, Port Road, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal
  • + 353 (0)71 93 05315


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