Anthony Blake

Project Title: Dynamically Embedded Plate Anchor – a cost effective anchoring solution for the offshore energy industry

Name: Anthony Blake

Supervisor: Dr. Conleth O Loughlin


Project objectives

The overall objective is to obtain the necessary field and laboratory test data to convince offshore operators that the DEPLA offers the highest potential for anchoring deep water developments.

In order to achieve this overall objective 4 detailed objectives have been identified:

  1. Establish an experimental database by conducting a series of laboratory tests on reduced scale model DEPLAs.
  2. Verify and calibrate design tools using the experimental database in objective 1 – the design tools will be used to predict DEPLA embedment, keying response and plate anchor capacity.
  3. Assess offshore DEPLA installation and handling procedures and obtain performance data in a typical deep water environment.
  4. Establish potential licensees within the offshore industry

Project outcomes

  1. Attainment of experimental data that will identify expected DEPLA penetrations and plate anchor capacities.
  2. Robust and versatile design tools that can be used in routine offshore engineering practice to simulate DEPLA penetration, keying and capacity.
  3. Evidence of DEPLA concept claims in a typical deep water offshore environment.
  4. Established market interest in licensing DEPLA technology or investment.

Success indicators

The project will be deemed a success if:

  1. The experimental data from the laboratory and field tests corresponds to vertical holding capacities that are at least 10 times the dry weight of the plate anchor.
  2. The DEPLA embeds the seabed quasi-vertically, the DEPLA follower can be recovered and the plate anchor keys upon loading.

No technical difficulties are encountered that would make offshore deployment impractical

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