Catherine Young

Project title – A model to develop film-induced tourism in Ireland

Name: Catherine Young

Supervisors: Joanna Sweeney and Catherine McGuinn

Research question

To identify the critical success factors to build upon Film Induced Tourism in Ireland.


The purpose of this research is to explore the potential development of film-induced tourism.  Exploratory research will focus on three locations where Oscar nominated films have been set and filmed.   Film-induced tourism is currently a rich area for theoretical exploration (Hudson et al, 2006, Bolan et al, 2006, Bolan 2005, Beeton 2004).

The research question is: To identify the critical success factors to build upon film-induced tourism in Ireland.   The main method is case study research.  Data analysis will draw on findings to compare and contrast how film locations in Ireland utilise films for tourism.  The three Oscar nominated movies are The Quiet Man in Cong, Co Mayo, The Field in Leenane, Co. Galway and Ryan’s Daughter, Dunquin, Dingle Peninsula,  Co. Kerry.  

To fully appreciate key factors it is essential to absorb strategic and policy insight into the research.  This will compliment the case study research.  A mixed method approach will be used.

The outcome of this research is to provide a model to enhance film-induced tourism in Ireland. It can be used by local/national/regional tourist and government authorities. The implications of this model are numerous.  Policy formation can be enhanced within this area.  In practice a multitude of options could be explored such as websites, museums, film walking tours, festivals and events in the area of film-induced tourism.   The results of this research will add to existing theory within the area of film-induced tourism.

2019/20 Fulltime Prospectus IT Sligo