Deirdre Byrne

Project Title: Food and Residential Care of Young People in the Western Region of Ireland.

Name: Deirdre Byrne

Supervisor: Dr. Perry Share


Aims and objectives of the proposed programme of research


  • To examine the experiences of food and eating amongst young people in residential care.
  • To describe and analyse the everyday practices of eating in residential care; and to gauge the attitudes of social care practitioners, regulators, and young people themselves.
  • It is hoped that the study outcomes can inform the provision of care to vulnerable young people and can support the education and training of social care practitioners. More broadly it will contribute to our scant knowledge of institutional eating practices.
  • Overall it aims to make residential care a happier and healthier place to be for those who find themselves within it.


  1. To identify the key issues and knowledge in relation to food and eating in residential settings, particularly as related to the care of young people
  2. To identify regulatory and management approaches to food and eating in residential care
  3. To create a representative sampling frame of residential centres within the HSE Western region
  4. To select appropriately within this frame to produce a number of centres within which the research can take place
  5. To elicit, through appropriate quantitative and qualitative methodologies, the current practices in relation to food and eating within those centres
  6. To identify issues for practice and make recommendations where necessary
  7. To disseminate research findings to the social care field, including to service users.
2019/20 Fulltime Prospectus IT Sligo