Tobias Mole

Project Title: Development of a next generation Micro-ECM sinking machine for the Automotive, Aerospace, & Medical Device sectors (funded under the FPVII programme)

Supervisor: Dr David Tormey

Funding Body: FPVII

Description of the project

The Centre for Design Innovation at the Institute of Technology Sligo in collaboration with Irish and European partners has successfully secured funding under the FP7 research programme ‘Research for the Benefits of SME’. The Centre is the lead and coordinating partner in this consortium. This project supports all research and development work necessary to ensure that the SMEs in the consortium can realise commercial opportunity through the development of a switch mode power supply unit (SMPS) that can support the next generation of micro Electro Chemical Machining (ECM). The research work will contribute to the development of an SMPS that will deliver quicker electrical current pulsing rates in the microsecond / nanosecond range, resulting in greater process stability and machining accuracy. The outputs from this research activities will be utilised by other consortium partners through their integration within the development of a demonstrator / prototype that will be used for validating design parameters for next generation micro-ECM.

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