Edel Feely

Project Title: Characterisation of trace element contaminants for selected bioprocessing applications

Supervisor:  Dr Ted McGowan

Funding Body:  IT Sligo President’s Bursary Awards

Description of the project

The use of single use bioreactors (SUBs) is becoming increasingly popular for mammalian cell-bases biopharmaceutical production, however, reports from biopharmaceutical manufactures indicate that cell growth may be compromised or inconsistent in SUBs when compared to the traditional stainless steel bioreactors (SSBs). It is believed that this observed disparity in cell growth may be due to the different leachable profile of SUBs and SSBs. There is a Paucity of information available on the identity and quantity of leachable and absorbed proteins in different types of reactors. This project will provide information on the identity and quantity of trace elements leached from plastic materials used in bioprocessing and in bioprocess solutions.

The aim of this project is to generate baseline data regarding trace element contamination. The successful candidate will develop analytical methodology using modern multielement analysis instrumentation. The project also aims to propose quality control processes for the optimisation and development of industrial processes.

2019/20 Fulltime Prospectus IT Sligo