Jude Clancy

Project Title: An Investigation of Reinforced Steep Slopes Constructed from Excavated Soil Waste and Incorporating a Multi-functional Geosynthetic

Student Name: Jude Clancy               

Supervisor: Dr. Pat Naughton

Funding Body: Strand 1 to Masters Degree Level, transferred to Doctoral Register September 2009

Abstract: Increased cost of waste disposal and quarrying has lead to a greater awareness to reuse materials that were previously considered unsuitable. In 2001, the EPA estimated that 1.5 million tonnes of excavated soil was accepted as waste at landfills. This material could be reused in reinforced slopes, thus promoting recycling of soil. The use of excavated soil waste, usually a poorly draining material, as backfill in reinforced slopes generates excess pore water pressures during construction, resulting in reduced strength of the soil and long-term settlements and deformations of the structure. This study will examine the use of poorly draining, fine grained soils in conjunction with a novel multi-functional drainage-reinforcement geosynthetic for the construction of reinforced slopes. The function of the novel geosynthetic is to dissipate excess pore water pressures during the construction phase thus increasing the strength of the poorly draining backfill and reducing long-term settlement and deformations of the structure. Valuable design information for reusing poorly draining backfills in reinforced soil slopes will be obtained. The optimum characteristics of a novel multi-functional geosynthetic, for commercial development, will also be obtained.

Publications/Conferences attended:

  • Design of reinforced soil structures using fine grained fill types, 1st International conference on Transportation Geotechnics (TC3), August 2008, Nottingham
  • Design of steep slopes using fine grained fills and novel multifunctional geocomposites , EuroGeo4, September 2008, Edinburgh.
  • Pullout resistance of a novel multifunctional geosynthetic in fine grained marginal fills, 9th International Conference on Geosynthetics of the IGS (9ICG), May 2010, Brazil.
  • Poster
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