Linzi Ryan

Project Title: Development of a Product Service System Model. 

Name: Linzi Ryan

Supervisor: Dr. David Tormey


The primary aim of the research is to gain a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of the PSS process within a highly regulated environment. In order to do this an in-depth understanding of individual stages of PSS, and their interactions and interdependencies must be achieved, thus defining the problem space for this research. This research proposes to address the defined problem space in terms of the following primary research objectives:

  • Investigate the problems associated with the implementation and use of PSS from literature reviews of design related research to enable the problem space for research to be clearly defined.
  • Identify potential solution enablers from literature reviews relating to validated and newly developed NPD, NSD and PSS models to aid in the mapping of defined problem space for this research.
  • Identify methodologies from literature, suitable for distilling the required information in relation to the defined problem space.
  • Undertake two primary studies, utilising the selected methodologies, to extract the required information in relation to the defined problem space.
  • Propose a framework, based on information gathered in the primary research, which supports PSS so as to address the problem space.

The thesis will also comprise of various sub-objectives, which are central to the realisation of the overall aims and objectives of this research work. These sub-objectives are as follows:

  • Examine design theory and research from a PSS practice perspective.
  • Examine the level of customer input and influence in PSS with a highly regulated product element.
  • Examine the level of variability within a highly regulated development process.

In summary, the overall aims and objectives of this research is to demonstrate that an integrated product and service system can positively impact on the PSS process by:

  • Supporting in the creation of innovative and fluid product/ service offerings, through the facilitation of communication.
  • Shortening development time and reducing costs, by identifying stages which can run in parallel.
  • Provide opportunities to recognise, implement and effectively manage innovations through the use flexible service elements.



2019/20 Fulltime Prospectus IT Sligo