Paula Kenny

PhD Thesis, Restorative Justice in the Republic of Ireland

Author, Paula Kenny, B.A (Hons), MSocSc (Sociology)(Hons)

Supervisor, Dr. Liam Leonard


This thesis will examine restorative justice in the Republic of Ireland. It will do so in three main areas; theory, policy and practice. The thesis will outline the historical background to restorative justice; from first the British and then the Irish perspective. An examination of the key literature in relation to restorative justice will then be presented. This is followed by an outline of the key principles of restorative practice.

The thesis then applies these understandings to six case studies of restorative conferencing events that were observed by the researcher in the Greater Dublin Region. From this a wider understanding of restorative justice theory, philosophies, practices and policies is achieved. The thesis addresses it’s main research question through this analysis and provides a fuller understanding of the significance of combining restorative philosophies and practices to actual restorative events.

2019/20 Fulltime Prospectus IT Sligo