Robert Carroll

Development of 1st Generation Portable System for Analysis of Microdamage Behaviour in Bone

Name: Robert Carroll

Supervisor: Dr. John Hession, Dr. Leo Creedon


Acoustic emissions (AE) are classified as the phenomenon where transient elastic waves are generated due to rapid release of energy from a source or sources. Acoustic emission has been used in the past to look at the damage accumulation in cortical bone. Simultaneously monitoring Acoustic emissions and high speed vision systems will yield both visual and scientific data for correlation analysis.

Publications/Conferences Attended:

Carroll, R., Hession, J., Creedon, L., Muir, G.,” Acoustic Emission, a Tool to Predict Crack Growth. “, Proceedings of the 17th Annual meeting of Bioengineering in Ireland, Galway, January, 2011

Carroll, R., Hession, J., Muir, G., Creedon, L., Gildea, J., Muir, G.,” The Investigation of the Propagation of Microdamage in Cortical Bone by use of High Speed Camera and Acoustic Emission.” , Proceedings of the 15th Annual meeting of Bioengineering in Ireland, Limerick, January, 2009

Carroll, R., Muir, G., Hession, J.” To investigate the relationship between the formation of damage in bone and Acoustic Emissions.”, 10th Annual Multidisciplinary Research Conference at Sligo General Hospital, Sligo, Ireland, 2009

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