Saoirse Dervin

Preparation of nanomaterials for energy and environmental applications

Supervisor: Professor Suresh Pillai

Funding Body: Science Foundation Ireland (SFI)


With buildings accounting for 40% of the total primary energy requirements in EU, developing effective energy alternatives for buildings is imperative. As energy-efficiency standards for buildings become increasingly stringent, using a traditional insulation material often means having to accept increasingly thick layers of insulation in walls, floors, and roofs. Moreover, in renovation projects, if it is even possible to increase insulation thickness at all, significant aesthetic and functional compromises are often required to retrofit more insulation on the inside or outside of the building envelope. Furthermore due to the ever increasing energy costs of oil, gas and electricity, there is a niche in the market for novel thermal insulating alternatives.

The current study therefore proposes to an innovative, low cost Thermal Insulating product, capable of helping the environment and creating a more energy efficient home /building, from inexpensive and non-toxic materials with the use of novel synthesis techniques



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