Peter Scanlon

Jt Assistant Lecturer

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Civil Engineering & Construction Studies

T: 071 9305668


Peter Scanlon is in the School of Engineering and Design, lectures in the Department of Civil Engineering & Construction on the Architectural Design (RIBA Part 1) programme. He completed his Architecture Studies in 2004 Graduating from DIT Dublin Architecture School. He Joined IT Sligo in 2007 having worked in local practice for a number of years. Peter is an active researcher in the field of Urban Planning, Health Quality of Life and Community. His activities are inspired by collaboration, engaging with others in the community.

His research to date has centred around local social/environmental and cultural issues in the field of Health and Quality of Life. His Architecture explores the art of making as a shared experience in order to foster a joyful living experience for all, where the underpinning philosophy is one of achieving aesthetic beauty by harmonious design, where structure, technique and use of material are in equilibrium with the environment, human health & well-being and evoke a sense of place.

Specialties: Health & Quality of Life, Community Development,  Designer, and Environmental Consultant.  

Research Interests

Peter's research Interest is in the field of Quality of Life, Health Status and Well-Being of residents within Urban and Rural communities. He also has begun work in Low Energy Architecture and Material Technologies.

Conference Contributions

  Year Publication
(2014) AIARG Conference 2014,
Peter Scanlon (2014) An investigation on how the current conditions of the built environmental correlates with Health Status and Well-Being of residents within the rural community in essence exploring the story of place, where poetically man dwells (Heidegger, 1951). This study will strive to determine the health status, sense of place, essence of kinship in rural communities and evaluate if the built environment has an impact on their health and quality of life, also exploring if initiativesÂż like Transition Towns (TT) & Resiliency aid communities to overcome economic and social decay in a policy vacuum. [Unrefereed Article], AIARG Conference 2014, University of Ulster . [Details]
(2012) Sligo Sustainable Futures Conference,
Peter Scanlon (2012) A Study of the Sustainability of the Built Environment and it users impact on energy & CO2, an analysis of how Climate change and International policy will alter the way we construct and utilise buildings now and into the Future. [Poster Presentation], Sligo Sustainable Futures Conference, IT Sligo . [Details]
(2012) 9th AHRA Research Student Conference,
Peter Scanlon (2012) What attributes of an Urban Environment affect Health & Quality of Life?. [Unrefereed Article], 9th AHRA Research Student Conference, Robert Gordon University Aberdeen . [Details]
(2012) AIARG Conference 2012,
Peter Scanlon, Dr. Paula Kenny (2012) A Study of Urban Neighbourhoods and the perceived environmental attributes that effect Health and Well-being of their occupants. [Non Refereed Paper/Abstract Presented at Conference], AIARG Conference 2012, DIT Bolton Street . [Details]


  Year Institution Qualification Subject
2014 Centre for Alternative Technology Wales & The University of East London Master of Science Architecture: Advanced Environmental and Energy Studies
2004 DIT Bolton Street BArch Architecture
1999 Waterford Institute of Technology Diploma Architectural Technology