Resignation and Termination Procedures

HR Procedure in the event of resignation/termination of an employment contract.


The purpose of this procedure is to outline the necessary steps to be taken for a staff member resigning or contract termination.


It applies to all staff of the Institute.

Procedure Description


Staff members wishing to resign must submit their letter of resignation to the HR Department and should also send a copy to their Head of Function. The period of notice should be that set out in their contract of employment.

The HR Department will acknowledge receipt of resignation and advise payroll of the date of resignation and any holidays or monies due.

Termination of Contract

HR Department will advise the Head of Function five weeks in advance of the contract end date.

On confirmation of the contract end date, HR will advise the staff member in writing one month prior to the termination of their contract outlining the procedure for departure and confirming any holidays or monies due. A copy will be sent to their Manager and to Payroll.

Return of Institute Equipment

The Head of School/Function is responsible to ensure the return of all Institute property – PC’s, Laptops, Mobile Phones, staff/library identification cards, keys, books/manuals other IT equipment on or before their last day present in work.

Passwords/Logins/User ID’s

On the date of resignation/contract termination the HR Department will end the staff member on the Core MIS system and on ending on the Core MIS system the IT Department will deactivate all passwords/logins/User ID’s.


All authorisations (cheque signatories/agresso approvers) approvals will be terminated one month prior to contract termination. HR will advise Finance to ensure the systems are updated accordingly.

Exit Interview

HR will conduct an exit interview with staff members who resign their position to seek feedback on aspects of their employment in the Institute for example communication, training and development, role and responsibilities.

Records Generated by this Procedure and their location

Resignation/termination of employment letters will be placed on the staff members personal file.

Membership of Pension Scheme

If you were a member of the pension scheme your benefits can either be preserved until you reach the minimum retirement age or transferred to another public sector organization. If you have less than 2 years membership of the scheme you could also opt to receive a refund of contributions paid – subject to deduction of tax at rate of 20%.

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