The Exams Department (Administration and Registration) is opposite library.

Name Telephone Responsibilities
Catherine O Reilly


0719137318 Overall Responsibility for Examinations
Niamh Doddy


0719137316 Exam Reviews, External Examiners, Organises additional facilities for examinations for students with disabilities as individually approved.  External Agencies, Requests for Special Consideration/Deferrals
TBC 0719137317 Online Exams, Repeat Requirements, External Examiners
Nicola Gray


0719137315 Transcripts, Duplicate Parchments, Additional Needs
  • Responsibility of Education, Development and Quality, The Registrars Office.

If you have other concerns regarding examinations useful contacts include:

  • Your Head of Department or Course Co-ordinator
  • Examination Invigilators in Exam Halls
  • Student Services Officer 071 9155204
  • Access Officer 071 9155381
  • Admissions Office Reception (re: examination numbers and ID Cards)
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