Fees & Grants


The information on fees and grants is the latest available at the time of going to press but is subject to change by the Department of Education, the Examining Bodies and the Governing Body.

The Student Contribution fee is payable by all students who do not qualify for grants or scholarships. The Student Contribution Fee for 2020/21 is €3000. This fee is payable by 30th September 2020.

Tuition Fees on Undergraduate Courses are paid by the Department of Education on behalf of all students who qualify for the Free Fees Initiative. Students who qualify are students who are citizens of member states of the European Union who are undertaking full-time undergraduate courses at Certificate, Diploma and Degree level for the first time. Some non-EU students may qualify, depending on their legal status.
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Composite Fees for EU Citizens for 2020/21 are as follows (applies to students who do not qualify for Free Fees Initiative):

  • Higher Certificate (Level 6) €3250
  • Ordinary Degree (Level 7) €3250
  • Hons Degree (Level 8) (other than Engineering) €3,819
  • Engineering Hons Degree (Level 8) €4,450
  • Masters by Research €3,819 p.a.
  • PhD €3,819 p.a.
  • Apprentice students €1000 per term

Payment in instalments
Students can pay their fees in two instalments. If you opt to pay in instalments, 50% of your fees must be paid by 30th September 2020 and the reminder to be paid by 31st January 2021. To pay in instalments, follow the instructions here How to Pay in Instalments.

Part-Time/ACCS/REPEAT students are liable for fees. The relevant full-time fee is adjusted pro-rata and students are charged on a per-credit basis. There are 60 credits in a year. Thus a student will pay one sixtieth of the full-time fee for each credit taken (L6/L7: €4.17 per credit, L8 BA/BSc: €13.65 per credit, L8 BEng: €24.17 per credit). The Registration fee is also calculated pro rata on a per credit basis, @ €50 per credit taken.

Repeat Attending students If you intend to repeat attend one or more subjects, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Contact your Head of Department to obtain permission to repeat attend. This can either be given to you as a letter or the Head of Department will send the Grants and Fees Officer an email.
  • Fill in the Repeat Attend Form, Repeat Registration Form.
  • Call in to the Admissions Office with your repeat registration form to register. Fees are payable by 30th September 2020.

Tuition Fees for International (non-EU) Citizens
Full-Time Tuition Fees for new IT Sligo non-EU students from 2020/21 are as follows (Students who commenced their studies in September 2018 or earlier follow the 2018/19 fee structure):

  • Foundation / Undergraduate: €10,500
  • Postgraduate: €11,500

Please click here to find out more about International Fees and Bursary Scholarships.

 Yes, as a Non-EU student I would like to to pay tuition fees through the IT Sligo PaytoStudy on-line payment portal.

Guidance on Tax Relief for Third Level Fees

Revenues IT31 leaflet outlining the tax relief available for Third Level Education tuition fees paid by an individual is available on the Revenue website:


UK Applicants

If you’re going to study in the Republic of Ireland, then your university or college will charge you an annual fee contribution. The maximum amount for 2018/19 is €3000. To cover this upfront cost, you can get a Student Contribution Loan to help pay up to the full amount of the fee contribution. This is an interest bearing repayable loan. The Student Contribution Charge will be paid directly to IT Sligo by the Student Loans Company upon receipt of an invoice from the Institution. You may also be entitled to a Maintenance Loan to help with living costs.

Further details on student finance are available at www.studentfinanceni.co.uk www.delni.gov.uk and the relevant Education and Library Board e.g. www.welbni.org


Important notice to all students

If you are considering deferring your place or withdrawing from your course it is most important that you contact the Admissions Office to notify the Institute that you are deferring or withdrawing. Failure to do this can affect your refund of fees paid and may also result in you being liable for tuition fees if you resume your studies at a later date. Please note that it is not enough to verbally notify a Lecturer or Head of Department that you are leaving, please contact the Admissions Office and fill in this form, Withdrawal Form.

The key dates for deferring or withdrawing are:

      • 31 October: If you defer or withdraw before this date you will receive a refund of all of your fees paid and there will be no implications for fee liability for future studies.
      • 31 January: If you defer or withdraw after the 31 October but before the 31 January you will receive a 50% refund of fees paid. It may mean that you will have a liability for 50% tuition fees when you continue your studies at a later stage.
      • 1 February: If you defer or withdraw after the 31 January you will not receive any refund of fees paid. It will also mean that you are liable for full fees if you continue your studies at a later stage (for the length of time you were in college the first time).


All new applications for 2018/19, including students changing their courses or progressing to new courses (be they add-on courses or otherwise), will be made online through Student Universal Support Ireland, SUSI, www.susi.ie. SUSI pays students directly in to their nominated bank accounts. All payments (Levels 6/7/8) under this scheme will be paid directly into your bank account on a monthly basis. Please contact SUSI for detailed payment schedule.

Renewal SUSI applications
Students awarded by SUSI in 2017/18 must renew their application online and SUSI will notify them by email when this facility is available.

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