Entrepreneurship Scholarships

Entrepreneurship Scholarships—Your idea, your future!

“You could have a million ideas, but they are all worthless if you don’t get them done.”

The ITSligo/Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NTFE) Entrepreneurship Scholarship scheme aims to provide a pathway for potential student entrepreneurs to allow them bring their idea into the campus and turn it into reality. Each successful applicant can apply for any of the 200 full time programmes available at IT Sligo and will receive €1500 per year for the duration or their course and a range of mentoring supports to develop their concept.

What supports will the student entrepreneur get?

ü Mentor(academic/business/community)

ü Support from the Innovation Centre (eg access to hot desk space, networking opportunities, participation in Innovation and Enterprise events, workshops, seminars)

ü Forbearance in relation to external activities eg attending relevant international trade fairs, exhibitions

ü Membership of Student Enterprise Society

ü Key contact person (personal tutor)

ü Other possible support resources (eg travel budget, PR supports, links to Enterprise Ireland etc)

ü Link to Accelerating Campus Entrepreneurship project


Through the entrepreneurship scholarships, we recognise and reward innovation and facilitate those who want to develop their business/social entrepreneurship concept in a supported learning environment.


Benefits to the student entrepreneur

As an IT Sligo Entrepreneurship Scholar you will be required to represent IT Sligo at a range of entrepreneurship related events and make a significant contribution to the promotion and development of entrepreneurial activity at the Institute. In return you will:

  • Receive financial support to undertake a programme of study at IT Sligo
  • Have the opportunity to develop your business concept in a supported entrepreneur ready learning environment
  • Have access to a range of specialised academic, industry and community supports
  • Participate in an excellent personal development opportunity to build the essential skills and qualities of effective communication, problem-solving, team skills and assertiveness

Who is eligible?

Student who have completed the Foroige/Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship programme, the County Enterprise Board Student Enterprise Competition or just have an original idea are encouraged to apply. All applicants must have a CAO number to be eligible to apply for the Scholarships.

IT Sligo/NTFE Entrepreneurship Scholarships are aimed at those with an innovative business or social entrepreneurship idea who wish to pursue an academic programme at the Institute while still developing their business idea.

You must meet the academic requirements for the programme you have applied for.

As a Scholar, you must:

  • Have a satisfactory attendance record for your programme of study.
  • Participate in all Institute entrepreneur activity and programmes.
  • Contribute to the promotion of IT Sligo through PR activity, publications and media events
  • Act as an ambassador for IT Sligo and ensure that the reputation of the Institute is at all times upheld.

For Further Information

If you are interested in combining your entrepreneurial ideas with study at IT Sligo, please contact Roisin Mc Glone, Lecturer, Entrepreneurship Scholarship Coordinator, Department of Social Sciences, IT Sligo, Ash Lane, Sligo. Phone:071 91 55352, Email: mcglone.roisin@nullitsligo.ie





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